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Walks through an assosiative array and initializes variable with names of the keys and values of the values.


returns all variables valid in the current scope


Explode = Split

array explode (string separator, string string [, int limit])

Implode = Join

string implode (string glue, array pieces)

Useful functions

string strtolower (string str) string strtoupper (string string)

Special Variables

$POST - an associative array of the arguments sent via a post request $GET - an associative array of the arguments sent via a get request

$argv[0] - the get string


PHP on the Command line

Reading input and writing output: $input = fgets(STDIN); fwrite(STDOUT, “My name is $input”); exit(0);

$argc contains the number of arguments (including the script name), $argv contains the array of these (with the 0th element being the script name)

Template Systems

Savant, Smarty, Flexy|Installing GD

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