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Please note: This page is imported from my wiki, which hasn't been updated in over 10 years. Some of the formatting was lost during the import. I'll try to get around to fixing it someday.

Oracle for MySQL Users

This page is intended for those who know how to use MySQL, and want to learn the Oracle syntax quickly, without having to trawl through a book teaching them from scratch about relational databases. It assumes knowledge of MySQL, and will teach you how to do what you did in MySQL in Oracle.


I will include some postgres equivalents.

^ Goal ^ MySql ^ Oracle ^ Postgres ^ | Get a list of tables | SHOW TABLES; | SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM ALL TABLES | \dt| | Limit the number of results | //// \ LIMIT //// | SELECT * FROM \ (////) \ WHERE ROWNUM < = ////;| |

Andrew McDonough

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