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Old Index

Topics to investigate and add

  • JBoss - Java Application Server

  • iText - An open source PDF Java Library

  • JDOM - JDOM XML Parser

  • Sun Java Center J2EE Pattern Catalog

  • Jakarta Ant

  • Apache Web Server

  • Jakarta Xalan XSL/XSLT

  • Xerces XML Parser

  • Xindice XML Database

  • [Cocoon]], [[Ant]], [[Maven]], [[POI]], [Fop and more open source projects …


* [Alexandria](/wiki/alexandria)
* [BCEL](/wiki/bcel)
* [BSF](/wiki/bsf) - Scripting support including being able to access Java classes from scripting languages
* [Cactus](/wiki/cactus) - A testing framework for unit testing server side Java
* [Commons](/wiki/commons) - Small reusable components used for many of the Jakarta subproducts
* [ECS](/wiki/ecs) - Element Construction Set is used to generate elements for various markup languages including HTML 4
* [HiveMind](/wiki/hivemind) - Used for configuration of the micro kernel
* [JMeter](/wiki/jmeter) - Performance monitoring
* [Lucene](/wiki/lucene) - A text search engine
* [ORO](/wiki/oro) - Provides perl style regular expressions
* [POI](/wiki/poi) - Used to read and write files based on the OLE 2 Compound Document Format. e.g. .xls
* [Regexp](/wiki/regexp) - A regular expressions package
* [Slide]] - [[WebDAV](/wiki/slide]]_-_[[webdav) aware content management system
* [Taglibs](/wiki/taglibs) - various 
* [Tapestry](/wiki/tapestry) - A web application framework based on highly reusable components using the MVC design pattern
* [Tomcat](/wiki/tomcat) - Servlet container
* [Turbine](/wiki/turbine) - An MVC framework for constructing webapps with either Velocity or JSP
* [Velocity](/wiki/velocity) - Template engine
* [Watchdog](/wiki/watchdog) - Checks specifications

Andrew McDonough

Andrew McDonough is a consultant CTO and software developer, currently based between Berlin and London.

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