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Maven is a Java project management tool.

  • Maven is similar to Ant but simpler.

  • A Maven project is any directory with a project.xml file in it

  • project.xml defines the project object model (POM)

  • maven.xml defines goals

The repository holds common libraries. These libraries must be installed into the repository. Under windows, the repository is normally found in: c:\Documents and Settings<User>.maven\repository

Maven uses plugins to execute goals. Within a project’s directory, a plugin is called as follows:

mavin : e.g. maven java:compile

The plugins are written in Jelly

If a plugin has a default goal, it can be executed by:



  • Constants can be defined in %HOME%/
  • They are referenced by ${}

Installing Maven

  • Download maven and follow installation instructions
  • Set the environment variable MAVEN_HOME to
  • Create a local repository by running %MAVENHOME%\bin\installrepo.bat %HOME%.maven\repository

Installing jars

Downloading libraries

You can define where the remote repository is held by changing the maven.repo.remote value in maven.repo.remote = is an open source maven repository,


  • maven.xml - contains project specific goals, preGoals and postGoals


Eclipse Setup

Tell Eclipse where the Maven repository is by setting the MAVEN_REPO variable in Window->Preferences->Build Path->Classpath Variables. On Belfast the repository is in c:\java\maven-v.vv\repository

You can change into any maven-enabled project directories and type: maven eclipse and a .project and .classpath will be create automatically.

Import into Eclipse and rebuild

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