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Useful Linux Commands

File System

Create a symbolic link: ln -s source target List disk usage of directorys, but limit output to one level. Show size (blocksize) in bytes: du —max-depth=1 —block-size=1 As above but sort by decending use: du —max-depth=1 —block-size=1 | sort -nr Show all printable strings in a binary file: strings


Monitor network traffic: netstat -a


Use free command, to find the free memory, or use cat on /proc/meminfo. The following command extracts the free memory and writes to a file called freememory with a timestamp. Useful to add to cron, running every minute so you can check memory retrospectively: echo date - free | tail -n 3 | head -n 1 | awk '{print $4}' >> freememory


Show services that run at the various levels: chkconfig —list Show current runlevel: /sbin/runlevel

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