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JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) is a collection of JSP tags included in the J2EE spec. It actually consists of five sets of tags

  • core - control flow statements and input/output
  • xml - XML processing
  • fmt - internationalization
  • sql - Database access.
  • functions - Expression Language functions


<%@ taglib prefix=“c” uri=”” %>


<c:set var=“myvar” value=“value”/>

Reading variables

<c:out value=”${myvar}”/>

Request atttibutes, request.getAttribute(“name”) are not needed, the are accessed by the ${name} syntax.


<c:forEach items=”${somelist}” var=“element”> do something with ${element} </c:forEach>

If else becomes choose when

<c:choose> <c:when test=“sometest”> do something when test is true </c:when> <c:otherwise> do something when test is false </c:otherwise> <c:choose>

<jsp:useBean id=“now” class=“java.util.Date” />

”${not empty address.lastName}”

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