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Control Flow

for in loops

for (variable in object){ // do something ( can use object[variable] for value ) }

For example, to show all properties of the current document for (p in document) { alert(p+” = “+document[p]+“\n”); }

Useful Functions

Type checking



Events can be set to make a function run after a given number of milliseconds: setTimeout(“functionName()”, 100); To get an even to repeat, put this call inside the function itself and call it from body.onLoad


  • onAbort - image
  • onBlur - select, text, text area
  • onChange - select, text, textarea
  • onClick - button, checkbox, radio, link, reset, submit, area
  • onError - image
  • onFocus - select, text, testarea
  • onLoad - windows, image
  • onMouseOver - link, area
  • onMouseOut - link, area
  • onSelect - text, textarea
  • onSubmit - form
  • onUnload - window

Event handlers can also be defined by naming an event handler. For example

document.onclick = clickHandler function clickHandler() { alert(“Click handled”); }

Note: The event handler when assigned should not be followed by parentheses



Set as homepage

This probably only works in Internet Explorer Make this my homepage - with a fantastic javascript calendar. Cheers Matt.

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