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To restart in Mandrake (eg Mars)

/usr/local/apache2/apachectl restart

To restart in RedHat

/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart

===== Authentication with .htaccess===== If you want to use the .htaccess files, you will have to add/change the following line in your httpd.conf:= AllowOverride AuthConfig

Create a password file in a directoy not accessible by the web. I put mine in /var/www/passwd. Use the htpasswd command htpasswd -c /var/www/passwd/passwords andrew And enter a password

<Directory /var/www/pathto/restricteddir> AuthType Basic AuthName “Restricted Files” AuthUserFile /var/www/passwd/passwords Require user andrew


IPs are best written to logs in IP form, not name form. To process and acquire names, use the logresolve utility or the perl


Logs can be rotated to keep them small

Changing security claims

You may have problems in Internet Explorer with IFRAMES accessing cookies. In order to get around this, add the following to the .htaccess file in the directory that writes the cookie: header append P3P ‘CP=“CAO DSP COR CURa ADMa DEVa OUR IND PHY ONL UNI COM NAV INT DEM PRE”’ You must, however, tell the web server to read the .htaccess file (AllowOverride Options FileInfo)

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